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If there are multiple owners, please enter all their names, separated by a semicolon(;)
If there are multiple owners, please enter all their emails, separated by a semicolon(;)
If there are multiple instructors, please enter all their names, separated by a semicolon(;)
If there are multiple instructors, please enter all their emails, separated by a semicolon(;)
If there are multiple locations, please enter all of them, separated by a semicolon(;). Each location is required to apply for school membership as an additional school location, and pay a discounted fee.
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If there are multiple files, please upload them in a ZIP file.


Please read and accept the following Terms

  • All schools that decide to voluntarily comply with NAHA standards shall be listed in the NAHA website approved schools section. This includes Level 1-3 educators and schools. If your school is not approved, then your application fee will be refunded minus a $100 administrative processing fee. None of the materials sent in with any application will be returned. Each school location must apply separately and pay all applicable fees in order to be listed
  • The annual fee for your school listing shall be $250 for US/Canadian Schools or $450 for foreign schools. Discounted additional school location fee: $125 per each additional US/Canadian location or $225 for each additional foreign location. Fees for approved schools are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice.
  • All owners and primary instructors are required to maintain a current NAHA Level 2 (Professional), Level 3 (Clinical), or business membership. N A H A m embership is a separate fee from school membership.
  • Apply and pay online at naha.org, or submit payment for your school membership along with your Level 2, Level 3 or business membership application(s) and payment.
  • If you are currently a NAHA Level 2, Level 3 or business member in good standing, please indicate so by checking the box below. No additional fee will be required for NAHA membership unless you are adding an instructor.

Agreement to C.A.S.E. Standards

Agreement to C.A.S.E. Standards

I hereby voluntarily choose to comply with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy Council of Aromatherapy Schools and Educator's Core Curriculum Requirements as outlined in the C.A.S.E. Approved Standards for Professional Aromatherapy education document. I pledge that I will conduct all training management and instruction according to the highest standards of professional conduct as described and outlined in the NAHA Code of Professional Ethics. As an aromatherapy educator and/or director of the above school, I recognize that I am responsible for the management and instruction of courses covered in the Approved Standards for Professional Aromatherapy education document. I understand and agree that the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and its affiliates assume no responsibility for my actions and activities as a voluntary educator/school in compliance with NAHA standards. I hereby release NAHA from any and all liability for any events relating to my management, teaching or practice of Aromatherapy.

As part of my NAHA Approved School curriculum I commit to the safe use of essential oils and do not teach, apply or promote contraindicated techniques such as: excessive drop techniques, the use of certain essential oils considered unsafe for neat use, or unsafe internal use practices. To learn more, please visit www.naha.org and read the information on safety.

I will include education awareness for the endangered and threatened species (such as Frankincense and Sandalwood) containing information about their historical use and the use of alternative essential oils so that the student has an understanding and appreciation for these species. For more information visit the NAHA website Resource webpage: http://naha.org/explore-aromatherapy/resources/

Neither I nor my school nor any approved aromatherapy instructors will create, post or advertise any false promises or statements in regards to an aromatherapy ëlicenseí or NAHA ëlicenseí. Qualifying students will receive a certificate of course completion and an aromatherapy certificate pertaining to each specific aromatherapy course. The certificate is issued by my school and not by NAHA. Students shall not be promised automatic membership with NAHA and are given instructions on how to become a member of NAHA. I understand that any breach of this agreement will cause my NAHA School approval status to be null and void and my school listing will be removed and placed on a list of non-compliant schools.

Please note that NAHA reserves the right to remove any school from our approved list at the board of director's discretion for any reason. Plagiarism of materials is grounds for immediate removal from the NAHA approved school list.

NAHA Code of Ethics

NAHA Code of Ethics

All NAHA members, schools, & educators shall:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality aromatherapy service to those who seek their professional service
  2. Conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in relation to their clients, fellow aromatherapists and colleagues and the general public so as to comply with the highest standards of moral behavior and integrity and to uphold the dignity and status of their profession under all circumstances.
  3. Share professional knowledge, research, and experiences with fellow aromatherapists and colleagues to support the advancement of aromatherapy.
  4. Treat clients in accordance with holistic principles and render professional services for no other purposes than the total well-being of their clients.
  5. Educate clients in the quality and availability of true aromatherapy products and services.
  6. Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving clients
  7. Recognize that their primary obligation is always to the client and agree to practice Aromatherapy to the best of their ability for their client's benefit. Their client's comfort, welfare and health must always have priority.
  8. Provide clients with an informed consent/disclosure statement and information that includes training, certification, and scope of practice, payment structure, benefits, limitations and expectations of both the practitioner and client.
  9. Endeavor to serve the best interests of their clients at all times by providing the highest quality of service and they shall undertake continuing education and improve upon their aromatherapy skills and professional standards whenever possible.
  10. Provide services within the scope and the limits of their training. They will not employ techniques for which they have not had adequate training and shall represent their education, training, qualifications and abilities honestly. They shall acknowledge the limitation
  11. Not diagnose, prescribe or provide any service, which requires a license to practice unless specifically licensed to do.
  12. Maintain client confidentiality and not divulge to anyone the findings they acquire during the consultation, or in the course of professional recommendations, without their clients consent except when required by law.
  13. Support other consultants at all times and shall never criticize, condemn or otherwise denigrate other consultants in the presence of a client or other lay persons.
  14. Respect the rights of other healthcare professionals and aromatherapists and will cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner.
  15. Where another consultant refers a client, they shall return such clients to the original consultant when the specified recommendation is completed. They will not denigrate another consultant's recommendations.
  16. Not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of aromatherapy and shall actively participate in educating the public regarding the actual benefits of true aromatherapy.
  17. Not give guarantees regarding the results of any recommendations, nor exploit a client for financial gain through inferences or misrepresentation of any sort.
  18. Practice honesty in advertising, promote services ethically and in good taste, and practice and or advertise only those skills for which they have received adequate training or certification.
  19. Maintain their business premises in a hygienic condition, and ensure that their business premises offer clients sufficient privacy.
  20. Maintain complete records of each client, including specific details of their recommendations.
  21. Refrain from the use of any mind-altering drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants prior to or during a professional aromatherapy consultation or while representing the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.
  22. Dress in a professional manner, proper dress being defined as the attire suitable and consistent with accepted professional practice.
  23. Represent a united front to the public and refrain from criticism of colleagues either in writing or verbally before clients or the general public.
  24. Shall, upon being found to have transgressed any of the By-laws of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and/or this Code of Ethics, voluntarily surrender and return their membership certificate to the Association.

NAHA Logo Permission Agreement

NAHA Logo Permission Agreement

Acceptable use of the NAHA Membership Logo website placement
  • Current NAHA Members
  • Current NAHA Approved Schools/Educators
  • NAHA Membership Logo can be placed on your website for:
    • Announcing NAHA Membership
    • Designation of your NAHA Approved School status
Acceptable use of the NAHA Membership Logo marketing materials
  • Current NAHA Members
  • Current NAHA Approved Schools/Educators
  • NAHA Membership Logo can be placed in the following marketing materials to show designation of current membership
    • Business cards
    • Business brochures
    • Approved School/Educator Class Flyers and Announcements
    • Newsletters, Emails, Email Templates
NAHA Membership Logo can NOT be used for the following
  • Expired or non-members of NAHA
  • Endorsement of products, services, classes, and events
  • Anything other than designation of current NAHA Membership

Other than this, use of the NAHA logo or NAHA Membership Logos without written permission is prohibited. Do not copy the NAHA logo and use it on your website, marketing materials or any type of print format without NAHAís written permission. NAHA has the right to change or discontinue any requirements regarding the NAHA Logo use at any time without notice. If your NAHA Membership has expired, use of the NAHA Logo is null and void and must be removed from all email, website and marketing print materials. By signing this permission form, you agree to the above requirements for acceptable use of NAHA Logo. Upload, mail, or fax form to NAHA Office. Membership logos can be downloaded by logging into your member page at naha.org.

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