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Management of Spring Childhood Diseases

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Management of Spring Childhood Diseases

Management of Spring Childhood Diseases

with Dr. Vivian Lunny

Management of Spring Childhood Diseases without the use of Vaccines,  Antibiotics, Analgesics, or Febrifuges, using specific Essential Oil Blends, as a result having happy children, happy mums and happy families. There will be opportunity for questions, clarification and interaction with the presenter.

At the tail end of winter and beginning of Spring there is an increase in Childhood Diseases and decreased immunity leading to a larger number of visits to the Practitioners and higher requirement of treatments, we will also address the various methods of treatment and their implementation and frequency.

About: Dr. Vivian Lunny MD, M.B.B.S., RA, MD/MA, FIFA

A graduate Medical Doctor, Author, Teacher, Holistic Healer, Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner and Teacher, Reiki Master and Psychotronics Master Practitioner.Her intuition, empathy and thoughtfulness are the keys to her personality. Doctor Vivian Lunny lives in Vancouver, BC Canada.

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