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A Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names

By: Judith Sims

Category: Books

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A Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names

A Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names is an audio/visual tutorial featuring effortless, memorable drills that teach you an acceptable pronunciation of 240+ plant names and ways to generalize that to new names. 

Two easy patterns make sense of confusing variant pronunciations. Siren-voiced readers, “My Personal Cheat Sheet” and the advice of taxonomists make this Guide as fun and easy.

Available as a paperless digital disc.

“Excellent” – W.L. Applequist, Ph.D, Missouri Botanical Gardens in HerbalGram

“Herb students and persnickety professionals alike may find peace [here].” – Journal of the AHG “Expert”  - Matt Wood, herbalist, M.S. and author

"Great for the aromatherapists! Learn how to pronounce Latin binomials with ease."  - Jade Shutes, East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies


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