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Aromatherapy Support for ADHD/ADD and Anxiety

By: Haly Jensen Hof, MA, LPC

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Aromatherapy Support for ADHD/ADD and Anxiety

We know that ADHD/ADD have been diagnosed for decades; however, do we really understand these pervasive diagnoses? We know that ADHD is Attention Deficit with Hyperactive behavior, and that ADD is Attention Deficit, but do we really know what the root causes of these disorders are? There are many theories circulating about what causes ADHD/ADD such as chemical imbalance, faulty neurological wiring, food allergies, and other disorders, but I propose that a lot of ADHD/ADD is due to severe anxiety. During this one hour tele-seminar I will explain this theory and how essential oils can assist in diminishing the symptoms of ADHD/ADD and the underlying anxiety. Topics that will be discussed include:

• The similarities between ADHD/ADD and Anxiety.

• How conventional psychotropics treat ADHD/ADD and Anxiety.
• Non-pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD/ADD.
• Essential oils that can help with ADHD/ADD and Anxiety.
• Creative essential oil application methods to help children with these diagnoses.

About the Presenter: Haly Jensen Hof, MA, RA
Haly is a formally trained Clinical Aromatherapist who received the bulk of her training from Shanti Dechen at Aroma Apothecary Healing Art Academy. Haly specializes in individualized therapeutic blending to assist clients with physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In conjunction with her aromatherapy skills, Haly also uses her skills as a mental health therapist to assist each client to gain a healthy balance and regulate and maintain overall health.

Prior to becoming an aromatherapist, Haly was a psychotherapist and clinical case manager at a residential treatment facility for children. Haly has also been an adoption therapist and taught college level psychology courses. In her work at the residential treatment facility, Haly helped children and their families overcome severe emotional and behavioral disruptions. It was through the use of diffusing essential oils in her office that Haly became more and more interested in the practice of aromatherapy. This interest resulted in Haly leaving her active mental health therapy practice and pursuing her education in aromatherapy. Haly is a Professional Member of NAHA and the NAHA Regional Director for Wyoming. Haly lives in a small town in Wyoming with her husband and three active terriers.

To learn more about Haly, please visit her website:

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