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How to Make a Love Potion

By: Kris Wrede

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How to Make a Love Potion

In Aromatica Erotica....How to make a Love Potion you will learn ancient secrets of lust and enhancing libido. Based on time explore the Kama Sutra, Romantic Poetry, Sensual Massage, Foods for Arousal and tried and true uses of essential oils for your most intimate exploits. These are wondrous techniques that have been used for thousands of years to heighten sexual desire and make lovemaking infinitely more pleasurable.

I will further explore these time honored mysteries and will also give you recipes your own beguiling love potion that will be yours to try on your partner...or experiment with on yourself! You will also get euphoria inducing recipes for your Valentine's frolicking and beyond including Chocolate Caliente dessert topping and body paint, and the sumptuous Sensual Smoothie with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Cardamon and Blood Orange essential oils and of course....more chocolate!

About the Presenter: The use of plant and flower essences for therapy of mind and body and spirit were once considered the exclusive provenance of Egyptian Priests. Unlock this ancient knowledge with Kris Wrede, Aromatic Alchemist, Natural Perfumer, and Corporate Consultant. Kris has been practicing aromatic alchemy and perfumery since 1990 and is a dedicated teacher and researcher.

Her knowledge of essential oils is enhanced by a passion for their history. Allow Kris to share her wisdom with you, let her lead you through the world and imagine the possibilities aromatherapy may play in your life.

Kismet Potions practices the traditional perfumer’s art using top, middle and base notes in each blend. Over the years we have developed numerous aromatic product lines and custom fragrances based on the tenets of perfumery for a wide variety of exclusive corporate and individual clients. Some of our clients include W Magazine, Jones New York, Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas, Urban Oasis Spas Chicago, and Epicuren Discovery.

Constant research and practical application of aromatherapy and perfumery in product development and training has given Kris the background to teach the secrets of this ancient and potent art and science. Kris has worked in the cosmetics field and fashion industry for over 25 years, bringing that expertise into corporate product development.  By keeping a watchful eye on the current trends and by continually researching products, retailers and consumers, she can assess future market needs.

From 1994 to 1996 Kris received certification in aromatherapy and teacher training from the Michael Scholes School of Aromatic Studies. In 1997 she received advanced training in the chemistry of essential oils and aromatherapy from Purdue University’s International Training Program in Essential Oils. In 1998 she completed the advanced aromatherapy course through the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy with Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt. In 1999 she received advanced training in natural perfumery and aromatherapy from Master Perfumer Kathryn Degraff. Kris continues to advance her education at conferences and seminars regularly.

Kris’s classroom approach stems from her extensive research into the mystical rituals of ancient cultures, her philosophy of perfume as medicine, and the miraculous healing energy apparent in the diverse methods available for essential oil use.

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