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Making Aromatherapy Simpler with Aromatherapy Patches


When: July 10, 2014 to July 10, 2014

Instructor: Jodi Baglien, CA, CST

Location: NAHA Teleseminar


Contact: NAHA

Phone: 919.894.0298




Full Event Details:

Making Aromatherapy Simpler with Aromatherapy Patches

with Jodi Baglien, CA, CST

As an educator and practitioner of Aromatherapy -  I often hear clients say they don't  always remember to use their oils throughout the day. In Healthcare settings -  an easy method to use that  is safe and effective is much needed.  Providing the oils in a professional looking way - will go a long way towards moving aromatherapy forward.

I'd like to share my journey  about making this decision to use the new technology of Aromatherapy Patches for my clients. I'll share the stories from my initial "resistance" to this approach, to the process of developing my line of patches, market readiness for this product, as well as the results and what people are noticing who use the patches.

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