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Harnessing the Soul of Jasmine with Roxana Villa

Jasmine by Roxana Villa

As I sit here and write this article the jasmine sambac (Jasminum sambac) plants outside my studio window have just started their bloom cycle, slightly earlier than last year. For me this means that each evening or early morning until sometime in November I will be harvesting these little scented wonders and placing them into a mason jar filled with 190 proof, organic grape alcohol or a bed of fat. These are ancient processes, known as tincturing and a modern type of enfleurage.

A Spring Detox for Your Home!


A Spring Detox for Your Home!

Roots: A Year with Morphology~ Using Plant-based Origins to Inspire Aromatic Blending


In the spring edition of the Aromatherapy Journal I introduced you to the theme of Morphology: an approach to blending based upon the part of a plant from which the aromatic substance is extracted, and the meaning prescribed to that plant part. In that edition I discussed seeds, and then covered flowers in the summer edition, and wood in the autumn edition. For the winter edition I will discuss Roots.

Attentive and Calm: Herbs, Food and Lifestyle Therapies for Creating Mental Clarity


Herbalist Juliet Blankespoor shares her insights on how to utilize herbs, food and lifestyle therapies to support attentiveness, ability to focus and calmness.

The Aroma of Choice: Health Freedom and Aromatherapy


The Aroma of Choice: Health Freedom and Aromatherapy - Understanding how Health Freedom acts affect aromatherapy practitioners.


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