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A Healing Garden in Your Backyard

Category: NAHA Teleseminars & Webinars

By: Sharon Falsetto

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A Healing Garden in Your Backyard

If you'd like to learn how to grow some of the more popular aromatic herbs and plants which are used in aromatherapy, this introductory webinar will show you how! Topics covered in this webinar include:

• the role of the five senses in the garden: How sound, sight, taste, touch and, of course, smell impact your aromatic garden experience
• profiles of some of the popular aromatic plants that are easy to grow as a beginner: The mints, basil, oregano, borage, sunflower, rosemary, and more
•  how to introduce healing plants into your own backyard, no matter how big or small; from container plants to shrubs
• a brief look at some of the pollinators beneficial for your aromatic plants
• why aromatic plants are an integral part of a healing garden.

I will also be including a photographic slide show of some of the many flowers and plants grown in my northern Arizona garden this past year. No aromatic or gardening experience is necessary to attend this webinar!

About the Presenter:

Sharon Falsetto is a UK-certified clinical aromatherapist and she is the founder of the Sedona Aromatherapie home-study Linguistics of AromaticsTM Program. Sharon is the chief editor of the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal, NAHA Regional Director (AZ) and author of Authentic Aromatherapy. She tends her own aromatherapy garden in Sedona, Arizona, on a one acre homestead.

To learn more about Sharon, please visit her website at:

A Healing Garden in Your Backyard

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