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Aromatic Medicine - Integrating essential oils into herbal practice

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By: Patrice de Bonneval and Cathy Skipper

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Aromatic Medicine is a new book that explores aromatherapy through the French approach and teaches how to integrate aromatherapy into a herbal practice. The book covers historical information, chemistry and a clinical approach using dermal, internal and other effective means of working with clients. 

A great educational and reference book for aromatherapist as well who are interested in exploring a herbal and French approach to aromatherapy.


Patrice de Bonneval is the found and director of the "Ecole Lyonnaise de Plantes Medicinales" and the owner of one of France's few apothecaries, 'L'herboristerie de Bonneval' in Lyon. He began working with essential oils in his pharmacy in 1975 and later in his apothecary. Patrice believes in the importance of using essential oils in medical herbalism and since the herbal school opened in 1980, aromatherapy has been one of the major subjects treated on the herbalist course. Patrice is the principal founder of the International, bilingual network, 'Herbalistes sans Frontieres'.

Cathy Skipper is English and has lived in France for over twenty years. She teaches gardening, field botany and healing plants at "L'Ecole de Plantes Medicinales" as well as aromatherapy and herbalism. She is one of the founders and the principal coordinator for 'Herbalistes sans Frontieres'.

Aromatic Medicine - Integrating essential oils into herbal practice

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