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Authentic Aromatherapy

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By: Sharon Falsetto

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Authentic Aromatherapy covers a wide range of introductory topics for the beginner to aromatherapy. It is split into three main sections.
Part One covers such topics as:
- the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils
- quality of essential oils
- extraction methods
- basic chemistry of essential oils
- the difference between organic and non-organic essential oils.
Part Two covers the various ways you can use essential oils – safely and effectively. These include:
- beauty and skincare
- in the home
- travel
- health
- with babies and children
- for women
- social events.
Part Three is a guide to forty essential oils, with a detailed profile on each essential oil covered, such as:
- orange
- rose
- lavender
- tea tree
- eucalyptus
- benzoin
- sandalwood
- patchouli
- yarrow.
I wrote Authentic Aromatherapy based on my background of both my professional training and personal experience, and application in my business. Although many of the usual topics are covered, Authentic Aromatherapy also includes tips and advice learned along the way in my move from the UK to the US, especially in understanding what the term aromatherapy means to people.
In addition, one of the aims of the book is to teach you how to put together (and understand how to use) essential oils in home made products, rather than just listing a recipe for the product. I believe that this understanding of aromatherapy should be accessible to all, leading to safer use and application in everyday life.

Authentic Aromatherapy

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