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Chemistry of Hydrosols- What is in the Waters?

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Chemistry of Hydrosols- What is in the Waters?

We are only beginning to understand the chemistry of the distillate waters we call Hydrosols.  There is much confusion and misinformation when it comes to knowing what makes up these waters.

In this tele-seminar we will discuss some of the analyses that are currently in use and their limitations.  I will also introduce some analyses that I hope to have performed in the coming year, through the Circle H Institute.  We will also learn how to read the GC-MS (Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry) of a hydrosol, which is interpreted differently than a GCMS of an essential oil.

About Ann Harman:

Ann Harman is a Certified Organic Farmer, Botanist, Herbalist and Distiller. She has been making herbal products for decades and distilling hydrosols for nearly 20 years.   She loves sharing her knowledge of the world of distillation and hydrosols. She is an international speaker who lectures on her continual research on hydrosols and the Art of Distillation.  She regularly contributes articles to journals on distillation and hydrosols and has recently published her first book on the subject of distillation titled ‘Harvest to Hydrosol’.  Ann is the NAHA Director for Washington State. Ann has started a membership based website where she shares her research and education materials.

Chemistry of Hydrosols- What is in the Waters?

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