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Essential Oil Energetics-Delve into the Beyond

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Essential Oil Energetics - Delve into the Beyond with Cynthia Brownley, MS & Joy Musacchio, MA 

Delve into the beyond! Learn the energetic aspects, folklore behind and applications of essential oils.  While it is important to know the chemistry of the oils that you use, it is equally important to be able to tap into their energetic aspect too! Essential oils are an effective and powerful way to reach beyond our 3D physical world and affect the vibrational core to heal, manifest and even change our life's course.

In this teleseminar we will be discussing:
·      Essential oils and the chakra system
·      Folklore and relationship to the energy of the oil
·      How to use essential oils to assist in healing via the emotional body

About the Presenter:  

Cynthia Brownley, MS and Joy Musacchio, MA are certified clinical and registered aromatherapists. They are the founders of Stillpoint Aromatics, and personally import over 270 organic and wild harvested essential oils and hydrosols from distillers worldwide. Stillpoint’s essential oils are batch specific GC/MS tested. Cynthia and Joy hand pour each essential oil with conscious intention for you when an order is received.

They also founded Stillpoint Studies… School of Essential Oils and Energetics. Stillpoint Studies earned accreditation of both the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Stillpoint offers a 250 hour Aromatherapy Certification Program as well as 180 hour Advanced Mastery Program and various weekend workshops.

To learn more about Cynthia and Joy, please visit: and

Essential Oil Energetics-Delve into the Beyond

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