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Essential Oils and the Doctrine of Signatures

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Essential Oils and the Doctrine of Signatures

with Cynthia Brownley and Joy Musacchio

So most of us know that essential oils are distilled or extracted from various parts of the plants and trees.  The essential oils that we use are stored in secretory sacs in the roots, leaves, wood, flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits, bark and resin.  While we readily look to the chemistry of the essential oil to determine its therapeutic uses, we can also look to the plant and tree as well as the particular part of that plant and tree that the oil comes from.

In today's world we analyze nature by way of technological imaging, before nature was simply what we saw in front of us.  As Matthew Wood states, "The doctrine of signatures is used around the world in pre-modern cultures where thought-by-association is accepted as a valid means of obtaining knowledge of the world.  The idea is that a plant that looks like the disease, organ, or person it will heal."

In this teleseminar we will explore:
* The correlations between certain essential oils and plant parts
* Therapeutic blending according to the Doctrine of Signatures
* The energetics and applications of various plant parts

* Signatures and Symbolism

"The practice must not proceed from the theory, but the theory from practice."  -Paracelsus

Essential Oils and the Doctrine of Signatures

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