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It’s about Thyme! The Remarkable Thymus vulgaris

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It’s about Thyme! The Remarkable Thymus vulgaris

Are you utilizing all of the extraordinary benefits of Thyme in your clinical practice? Have you been confused about which chemotype to use and when?  In this presentation Valerie will start from the beginning – describing the historical significance and use of Thymus vulgaris, and looking into how the earliest physicians used the plant in traditional herbal and aromatic medicine. 

An in-depth review of the five chemotypes from Provence, along with their unique differences, will be discussed in addition to detailed safety considerations. And from a totally holistic point of view, Valerie will present not only the scientific evidence-based research, but also the new and innovative clinical applications, and the bio-energetic and spiritual aspects of the Thymus species.  Aromatherapists will increase their knowledge of this common herb and sharpen their skills in integrating the various chemotypes into their clinical practice with confidence.

About the Presenter:

Valerie Cooksley, RN, OCN, FAAIM, CERT, is a holistic nurse, clinical aromatherapist, health researcher and educator, and acclaimed author of eight books on aromatherapy and natural healing. She has passionately studied natural medicine for more than twenty five years and holds six certifications in aromatherapy. Valerie was one of the founding members of the Steering Committee for Education Standards in Aromatherapy in the United States, the predecessor to the current Aromatherapy Registration Council.

Ms. Cooksley is a Fellow of The American Association of Integrative Medicine and her clinical experience in nursing specialized in Oncology, as well as Infectious Diseases and Public Health with a present focus on Holistic Health education. She is a Certified Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator and holds a certification in Raw Food Nutrition Science. She has instructed for both the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society and is certified in emergency response and triage in catastrophic disasters as a FEMA Community Emergency Response Team member for the greater Houston area. Valerie holds an active Registered Nursing Compact License in thirteen states.

To learn more about Valerie, please visit her website at:

It’s about Thyme! The Remarkable Thymus vulgaris

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