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NAHA’s Aromatherapy Journal Spring 2014,1

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Table of Contents

Editors Note

Beyond Aromatics Conference NEWS!.

Beauty and Self Care
A Year with Morphology  by Katie Vie

Materia Medica
Geranium - Pelargonium sp  by Peter Holmes

Holistic Nutrition
Spring Forward by Maria Tabone

Business and Legislation
Record Keeping by Marie Gale

Roots of Herbalism
Chickweed and Violet   by Juliet Blankespoor

Integrating Aromatherapy with Massage
Spring Season  by Lisa Mertz

Aromatherapy and Your Animal Friends
The Health Benefits of Coconut   by  Kelly Holland Azzaro

NAHA Community
Interview with an Aromatherapist: Florian Birkmayer   by Sharon Falsetto

Feature Articles

Making and Using Flower Essences by Cathy Skipper

Calendula Herbal Oil  by Jade Shutes

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NAHA Directors

NAHA’s Aromatherapy Journal Spring 2014,1

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