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The Basics of How to Publish Your Own Book

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By: Kayla Fioravanti

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The Basics of How to Publish Your Own Book

With Kayla Fioravanti

About: In her new book, How to Self-Publish: The Author-preneur’s Guide to Publishing author Kayla Fioravanti shares with you how to turn blogs, teaching handouts, e-books and ideas into self-published On Demand books that can go straight to online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble with little to no costs. Kayla walks with you step-by-step through the eBook and On Demand book publishing process.  She provides the tools, resources, and steps necessary to build a platform, write a book, publish and promote it.

In her book Kayla removes the barriers and fears commonly associated with becoming an author and empower you to create long term income. After many years as an entrepreneur, being an author-preneur is her retirement. She will show you the ropes of being your own small business with YOU as your brand.

Kayla and her husband Dennis started their last successful company with just $50. Having built a profitable business with minimal start-up funds Kayla is living proof that you too can create an effective business on a shoestring budget. Other authors might tell you that you absolutely must spend thousands of dollars to self-publish, but Kayla believes that the American dream is accessible to anyone regardless their income level. Kayla will show you how.

The Basics of How to Publish Your Own Book

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