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The World of Aromatherapy V

Category: Conference Proceedings

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  • Beyond Aromatherapy - An Intro to Aromatic Medicine by Ron Guba
  • Hydrosols: Yin Aromatherapy in a Yang World by Suzanne Catty
  • Using Essential Oils in Wound Care by John Kerr
  • Aroma Cosmetology by Jan Kusmirek
  • Clinical Aromatherapy and Aids by Jane Buckle
  • Heal Your Body, balance your emotions & open your heart by Michael Scholes
  • EcoAgriculture Distillation for the Aromatherapist by Kent McKay
  • Aromatherapy and Medical Science by Michael Alexander
  • The Activity of Ten Essential OIls against 3 types of Multiply Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria by Linda Weihbrecht
  • Grief and Aromatherapy by Joyce I. Benoit MacLaughlin
  • Aromatica Erotica by Kris Wrede
  • Toxicity Myths by Ron Guba
  • Hospice Care with Aromatherapy by Laraine Kyle
  • Dynamic Blending by Jade Shutes
The World of Aromatherapy V

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