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The World of Aromatherapy VI

Category: Conference Proceedings

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  • The Pharmacological Basis of Aromatherapeutics Michael Alexander
  • Sourcing, Conservation, Quality and Myths in Aromatherapy Tim Blakley
  • Research-What can you do? Dr. Jane Buckle PhD RN
  • Skin Scents That Make Sense Mindy Green, M.S., A.H.G., R.A.
  • Creating an Aromatic Garden Deborah Halvorson, B.A., R.A.
  • Aromatherapy in Denial- the undiluted issue. Sylla Sheppard Hanger LMT
  • Discovering Ayurveda Aromatherapy, body types, constitution, principles and philosophy. Farida Sheriar Irani B. Com. Adv Dip Ayur, DAroma, DRT, DRM, Dref, D.Bow
  • The Triangle of Health Jennifer Jefferies ND, Aromatherapist
  • Psycho-Aromatics, your ultimate treatment success boost. Dr. Vivian Nadya Lunny MD, RA. FIFA, Dip. Ed.
  • Aromatherapy education - changing themes in a changing world - a twenty year review. Michael Schole
The World of Aromatherapy VI

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