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Basics of Aromatherapy Blending eClass - LIVE ONLINE!

This is an online event
When: June 24, 2022 to June 24, 2022

Instructor: Sharon Falsetto

Phone: Sharon Falsetto

Email: sharon@sedonaaromatics.com

Website: https://sedonaaromatics.com/shop/basics-of-aromatherapy-blending-eclass-live/

Full Event Details:

In this online Basics of Aromatherapy Blending eClass you will learn: The answers to some of the most asked questions by students over the years that I’ve been teaching: How many essential oils do I add to an aromatherapy blend? How much of each type of essential oil (top, middle, base note) do I add to a blend? What is the order of adding essential oils to a blend? How will my calculations affect the outcome? How do I make a synergistic blend? We will look at the guidelines for making a basic, and a more complex, blend with these questions in mind and work through examples together in class. We strongly recommend that you attend this eClass LIVE to take full advantage of the interaction between yourself, your peers, and your class tutor, and have the chance to ask any questions! You will leave class with an eBook packed full of charts and worksheets, a copy of the PowerPoint presentations, and a Test Blend Exercises Workbook. Choose one test blend to complete and submit for assessment to receive your certificate of completion. This eClass will teach you how to formulate better aromatherapy blends and give you the tools to go forward more confidently, whether you are blending for yourself, your family, or clients. Prerequisites for the Basics of Aromatherapy Blending eClass: We recommend that you have completed: Safe Essential Oil Dilutions for Formulation eClass (on-demand) Carrier Oils and Hydrosols Formulation eClass (on-demand) and/or have a basic level of aromatherapy experience before taking this class. You may also want to purchase Authentic Aromatherapy by Sharon Falsetto to help with choices of essential oils. You are still welcome to join the Basics of Aromatherapy Blending eClass without prior completion of the above classes but note that it may be a little more difficult for you if you don’t have some basic education in aromatherapy and essential oils. All of our eClasses include a free PDF e-book of the class content and worksheets! As a NAHA Approved CE Provider, this zoom eClass counts as one CE credit, IF you complete the test blend exercise and submit it for marking after class! You will receive a certificate of completion on successful completion. This class is taught by NAHA-certified professional aromatherapist® Sharon Falsetto who is also a garden herbalist and aromatic perfumer. Sharon has been writing, editing, and teaching about aromatherapy for over a decade.  She is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy, published by the New York Publishing House, Skyhorse Publishing.

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