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Instructor: Amy Galpher

Location: New York Institute of Aromatherpy

530 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003

Contact: Amy Galpher

Phone: 917-310-7845



Full Event Details:

LIVE IN BEAUTY, THRIVE IN BUSINESS A course uniquely qualified to nurture both plant and business intelligence. In the pioneering spirit that the Institute is known for, we’ve created a one-of- a-kind certification program that brings all the elements of botanical beauty success together in one live, hands-on, remarkable course. Plant knowledge. Standards and certification. Distribution, branding and marketing. And the trend and innovation savvy to find your own place in the natural beauty world. What’s more, we’ve brought together the thought leaders and visionaries in each area to ensure that you’re learning from the most qualified, inspirational teachers, and building a rich network of contacts and resources for the future. Designed for anyone serious about bringing the connection between beauty and wellness to life through their own artisan, plant-based skin care. Combining entrepreneurial and plant-healing disciplines, along with our uniquely hands-on, interactive Beauty Lab, the course guides you through the intricacies of making beauty not only your passion, but your business.

Posted to: Specialized Programs

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