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Instructor: Daniel Krasofski

Location: NY Institute of Aromatherapy

530 East 13th
New York, NY 10009

Contact: Celeste Knopf

Phone: 917-310-7845



Full Event Details:

$649 Wednesday, July 26 and Thursday, July 27 | 9:30am - 5:00pm EST With Daniel Krasofski Take a journey into the redolent world of Botanical Perfumery: Perfume 103 - Plantis Vivit. A two day intensive for both the neophyte and erudite, introducing topics, terms and tactics which will allow you to create your own Botanical Perfume based on one of the classical scent families. Learning includes LABdk’s system of forms to streamline the perfumery process. Each pack includes: Glossary of Terms, Perfume Brief Creation, record keeping, Scent Evaluation, Accord Formulation and Tutorial Walkthrough forms. - Introduction to necessary laboratory skills. - Demystify perfumery terminology. - Experiment with up to 18 botanical essences in class. - Heighten your scent evaluation ability. - Advanced techniques in classical, alcohol based perfumery formulation. - Practical knowledge in developing 6 separate formulas: two complete compositions will be created.

Posted to: Specialized Programs

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