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Become an Approved School

Please Note: All NAHA school applications and their required documents are evaluated first to ensure that the information meets the NAHA application requirements. If an application is not submitted with complete information that meets requirements, it may be rejected. If all appropriate documents are submitted in full, then the application review process may proceed. This review process also includes review of course curriculum, marketing materials, and the school's website to verify that content is original and not plagiarized. Please follow the below notations to ensure that your school application follows NAHA Code of Ethics, and does not include content copied from other sources (i.e., colleagues, publications, books, etc.) without the proper citations/references and most importantly written and signed permission from the author (unless information is from Public Domain-which must be cited as such).

All school course content (including images, photos, graphs, and charts) and marketing materials must be original. The curriculum and required documents must be submitted in an organized format and include safety data (including cautions, contraindications, and sustainability warnings (if applicable)). Any sourced data (including photos, charts, and graphs) must be properly referenced/cited (if used from another source (including Public Domain), and if required, include written permission from the originator/author of that said work (and submit the document of written proof of permission)).

NAHA does not accept for approval any content that has been copied/pasted from other sources (including websites, written texts (books, journals, manuals, etc.), and or media that has not been properly cited/referenced (and attained written permission if required by the originator/author)). This includes the use of essential oil profiles shared by businesses that sell essential oils/aromatherapy products and supplies in which they include profiles of these botanicals/ingredients on their website for the general public view.

Prior to submitting an application to become a NAHA –Approved School/Educator, please visit these important links listed below to read:

1. Educators and Schools applying to become a NAHA-approved school must not require students to purchase any particular brand of essential oils/aromatherapy products, nor sign-up for an account/membership with another company that the educator/school is affiliated with, nor pay for any type of subscription in order to receive aromatherapy products in order to participate in the aromatherapy course program/s offered by the school/educator.

2. If the educator/school is affiliated with a certain brand/company that will be promoted within the aromatherapy course, then this information must be clearly stated in the school’s policies/procedures, website, marketing materials, and to be included in a statement given to prospective students prior to registration to avoid any conflict of interest.

3. Please note that NAHA does not police educators/schools/businesses in regards to what aromatherapy products they sell and or make available to students. Individuals seeking educational sources to register with and or enroll into a course/s should be sure to read and understand any policies and procedures (including refunds policy) that are part of the educator/school/business’ educational program/s prior to paying any course/class/workshop fees, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to make themselves aware of any additional supplies that may be required to purchase separately or as part of an educational program.

As the aromatherapy industry evolves and develops to meet more integrative holistic health practices, as a leading organization in the aromatherapy field, we review our education standards from time to time to keep current, relevant and safe. It is recommended for you, as an advocate, student and/or educator, that you review our standards of education periodically to stay familiar and abreast of existing and new guidelines.

NAHA does not provide an approval process to review additional massage therapy programs (this should be done so via the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) and or with the individual Massage Therapy Boards in your State/Country). Any hours pertaining to actual massage therapy do not to count towards the NAHA education standards required hours (except for those that apply to safety in regards to topical application).

Precautionary measures should be taken with all application methods taught and practiced. Certain essential oils are unsuitable for undiluted application on the skin, or contain constituents which may irritate or sensitize the skin if applied without first being properly diluted in a carrier. NAHA does not support the use or application of "drop therapies" which utilize undiluted dermal sensitizing essential oils. Educational curriculums that includes excessive amounts of essential oils applied undiluted to the skin will not be accepted as part of any school application and is not part of the overall NAHA education standards. In addition, student case studies submitted as part of their graduation requirement that include improper undilution of essential oils, will not be accepted.

Approved School Requirements

As part of the CASE application, you will be required to provide some basic information about your school, as well as upload some documents.

Documents for CASE Application:

  1. A detailed typed course outline or syllabus of your aromatherapy curriculum including: topics, requirements, learning objectives, and hours of instruction. You can find information on writing a syllabus here: https://teaching.cornell.edu/teaching-resources/designing-your-course/writing-syllabus 
  2. Copy of all marketing and promotional materials including brochures, business cards, etc.
  3. Copy of your business license
  4. A copy of the Certificate of Completion that your school will issue to students
  5. Please be sure to upload a copy of your current NAHA Membership Certificate for the school owner and aromatherapy instructor/s. (Please also include a typed list of all instructors. Note: All primary instructors must be NAHA Level 2 or higher members. Primary instructors must have been teaching curriculum that meets NAHA guidelines for a minimum of one year before applying.)
  6. A typed professional CV or bio for all primary instructors.
  7. Professional Liability Insurance
  8. One professional letter of recommendation
  9. Two student recommendations including their certificates of completion

You will also be required to agree to the CASE standards, the NAHA Code of Ethics , and the NAHA Logo use terms.

Follow these instructions to become an Approved School
  1. Sign into your member page here.
  2. You will need to be a Level 2, Level 3, or Business member in order to proceed. If you are not, you can get one from your Account Page as well.
  3. On the right hand side in the Account Navigation menu, find the Add a Subscription link and use it to add the appropriate School subscription for your region. You will be taken back to the main Account page afterwards.
  4. From the Account Navigation menu, choose Subscriptions and Billing
  5. Locate your school subscription on the left, and use the link there to fill out the CASE Application online.

NOTE: We will not be able to process your school application until you fill out the online CASE form.

By submitting a school application, you are agreeing to the NAHA terms and conditions including adherence to the NAHA CASE Standards and NAHA Code of Ethics. Your application fee includes a non-refundable $100 processing fee.

NAHA considers plagiarism to be a serious offense. Plagiarism of materials is grounds for termination of membership and immediate removal from the NAHA approved school list. New school applications containing plagiarized content will not be approved and may result in the applicant’s individual NAHA membership also being revoked.

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We encourage students and prospective students to review a school’s policies and procedures.

Although NAHA does have a stringent approval process, NAHA does not address complaints pertaining to:

1. School Fees and Refund Policies

2. Curriculum/Presentation Formats

3. Personality Conflicts

4. Personal and Political Views

5. Teaching and Communication Styles

NAHA reserves the right to amend the complaint guidelines at any time without notice.

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