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Mentoring in Natural Therapies

Before doing formal studies in mentoring, my limited experience of being mentored had me believe that it was a concept framed around the classical mentor – mentee relationship (MacCallum, 2007, p.134). That is, an informal arrangement between someone who is (usually) older and more knowledgeable (the mentor) and someone wishing to benefit from all that the mentor has to offer. This person is referred to as the mentee or protégé...

In Memoriam: Trudy Welker

Trudy Welker
Remembering Trudy Welker

Many members may have known the Certified Aromatherapist and aromatherapy pioneer, Trudy Welker from Northbrook, Il.   Trudy, 79, passed away in her sleep on November 8, 2012. Her dedication in introducing many uses of essential oils for long term care ran deep.   She developed aromatherapy programs in Illinois, Washington, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Massachusetts.  She also took courses on plants and herbs in England at Cambridge University.   One of her…

Hospital Pediatrics

Hospice Pediatrics: I'll be honest - pediatric care makes me a little nervous. Most of the available literature on pediatrics deals with common childhood issues. Although other hospices are using essential oils effectively for symptom management with their pediatric patients, there is no information-sharing network to allow us to work together, or even to know that others doing similar work exist. So I use the available literature on aromatherapy and childcare and then apply my own sleuthing technique: I quiz the nurses for relevant information on symptoms and their likely causes, determine whether it is an acute issue or an ongoing challenge, sort through essential oils that would be helpful, eliminate the ones I think might be too strong for the child's age and/or disease process, figure out what delivery method would be most effective and vary the dilution rate as necessary.

Combating Flus and Blues with Aromatherapy

Combating Flus and Blues with Aromatherapy: FALL is here! Along with the change of season, for some Fall also brings colds, flus, and emotional stresses. Living a healthy, natural life today can be an overwhelming challenge. Schedules are stretched to the maximum, eating habits are poor and often eating happens on the run, environmental toxins are everywhere, and stress levels are at an all time high. All of these factors can impair our immune system. When the immune system is weak, the body becomes vulnerable, creating an opening for viruses and bacteria to invade. Maintaining a strong healthy immune system is a vital element to achieve and retain good health.

September Article

Aromatherapy Support for ADHD/ADD and Anxiety

By Haly JensenHof, BS, MA, LPC, RA

We know that ADHD/ADD has been diagnosed for decades; however, do we really understand these pervasive diagnoses? We know that ADHD is Attention Deficit with Hyperactive behavior, and that ADD is Attention Deficit on its own, but…


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