Expanding your Anointing Practice

Posted on August 30, 2010 0

Expanding Your Anointing Practice

By Candice Covington

This mini-article is a follow up to the NAHA Subtle Aromatherapy issue (2010.1) article Amulets and Oils-in which the concept of a personal anointing practice is introduced where one could either anoint energy centers in the body (specifically chakral) or amulets that vibrate to different elemental energies that in turn effect the doshas. A list of exotic essential oils were offered at that time. This follow up article is intended to introduce more commonly used essential oils to expand and enrich that practice. If more in-depth information is required please see the before mentioned Journal's back issue.

Following is a quick guide to the key, in reading the profiles:

Key: Vata = V. Pitta = P. Kapha = K. - Diminishes. + Increases.

Ginger Zingiber officinalis

Dosha effect: V K-, P +

Elements: Fire, seed of, Earth.

Stimulates the: 1st and 3rd chakra.

Energy: A hero's energy, strong and brave, use to stay in process in difficult situations.

Cautions: Not for use with high pitta conditions, fever or inflammatory skin diseases.

Juniper Berry Juniperus communis

Dosha effect: K V -, P +, (V+ if used in excess).

Elements: Ether, seed of, Fire.

Stimulates the: 3rd and 5th chakra.

Energy: Cleansing, healing, clear sight, profundity, internal teacher.

Cautions: Not for use with kidney infections or during pregnancy.

Lavender Lavendula officinalis

Dosha effect: P K -, (V + if used in excess).

Element: Ether

Stimulates the: 5th chakra.

Energy: An elevated nature, the divine, expansion, truth, purity, detachment, peace.

Cautions: Safe for most every one.

Jasmine Jasmimum grandiflorum

Dosha effect: P-, K+, (V + if used in excess).

Element: Water.

Stimulates the: 2nd chakra.

Energy: Emotional disturbance, frigidity, anxiety, lack of confidence, celebratory.

Cautions: Can be sensitizing to some.

Lime Citrus aurantifolia

Dosha effect: P K -, V +

Element: Air.

Stimulates the: 4th chakra.

Energy: Refreshing, cooling, invigorating, new awareness, aids in shifts, movement, joy.

Cautions: Not for high vata conditions, phototoxic.

The above profiles offer access to all of the 5 Great Elements (Tattvas):

Ether, Juniper Berry and Lavender.

Air: Lime.

Fire: Ginger and Juniper Berry.

Water: Jasmine.

Earth: Ginger.

The energy in the profiles listed above resonate with the essential oil's specific vibration, after one takes that into account, one should factor in the actual energy of each element. If the essential oil is a mix of several elements, one should read both profiles:

Ether (skt. Akasha)

Promotes detachment, expansion, opens one to spiritual gifts and pure expression

Air (skt. Vayu)

Facilitates positive change, flexibility, directs consciousness and fosters forgiveness

Fire (skt. Agni)

Initiate projects, passion, enthusiasm, warmth, intelligence and divine masculine

Water (skt. Apas)

Access to the subconscious, dreams, emotions, purification & divine feminine

Earth (skt. Prithvi)

Stability, security, being grounded, family lineage, DNA healing and abundance

The Rig Veda, a root text for Ayurveda, offers a hymn to The Healing Plants "that a wise man" would invoke before ritual plant use:

The tawny plants were born in the ancient times, three ages before the gods; now I will meditate upon their hundred and seven forms...You who have a hundred ways of working, make this man [woman] whole for me. (10.97 1-2)

My wish for all who enter into this practice of using essential oils to affect the whole of Self: that the plants indeed "will make this man [woman] whole." May it be in a healing practice you facilitate or as a healer unto thy Self-to perfecting the whole of Self!

Candice Covington is a certified Aromatherapist (ACHS), body and energy worker, and a long-time student of ancient alchemical systems. She travels the world seeking knowledge to inform and enrich the Divine Archetypes product lines. She is a former instructor for Ashmead College in Advanced Spa Modalities (including Ayurvedic) and Aromatherapy and currently performs Pancha karma at The Chopra Center for Well Being.

For more information on Divine Archetypes and the Tattvas Esoteric Essential Oil Collection (a system designed for work with karmic, elemental, chakral and personal dosha arrangements through the lens of The 5 Great Elements), and how one can use these to Consciously Craft Self™, please visit her website, www.divinearchetypes.com


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