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The 6 W´s-Buying Quality Hydrosols

By: Ann Harmon

Category: NAHA Teleseminars & Webinars

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The 6 W´s-Buying Quality Hydrosols

With the amazing array of beautiful hydrosols on the market, how does one choose the best available?  In this tele-conference we will discuss some of the things to look for and what questions to ask your supplier when purchasing hydrosols.   We will discuss the 6 W's (questions to ask) and why they are important.  We will also get a glimpse of what it takes to produce a fine hydrosol and the amount of plant material and work involved.  If time permits we will go over some properties of hydrosols and different applications. 

About Ann Harman:

Ann Harman is a Botanist, Herbalist and Artisan Distiller. She studied Botany at Colorado State University in Ft Collins, CO. She has been making herbal products for decades and  distilling hydrosols for over 15 years.   She enjoys teaching the Art of Distillation and offers workshops at her farm and other venues. When not distilling she is a guest lecturer at Bastyr University in Seattle, and contributes articles to several Aromatherapy publications.  When funding permits, she continues to research the many aspects of the world of hydrosols.  Ann is the owner of Morning Myst Botanics, a certified organic business located in Washington State.

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