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Aromatherapy for Puberty and Adolescence


Aromatherapy for Puberty and Adolescence

Autumn’s Bountiful Pharmacy

Vegetables for Autumn

Nutrition in the Autumn.

Frankincense Fears Largely Unfounded

Frankincense Resin

Are Frankincense fears largely unfounded? Learn more from Katharine Koeppen.

The Language of Nature in Summer


Ayurveda: The Language of Nature in Summer

Mentoring in Natural Therapies

Before doing formal studies in mentoring, my limited experience of being mentored had me believe that it was a concept framed around the classical mentor – mentee relationship (MacCallum, 2007, p.134). That is, an informal arrangement between someone who is (usually) older and more knowledgeable (the mentor) and someone wishing to benefit from all that the mentor has to offer. This person is referred to as the mentee or protégé...


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