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May Featured Article

Reformatting your Energetic Architecture using Essential Oils

By Mindy Green, MS, RA, RH (AHG)

Aromatic plants have been used throughout time in medicine, cosmetic care, spiritual practices and ritual ceremonies. For nearly a century, modern science has known that the chemical constituents found in essential oils have…

April Featured Article

Celebrate Earth Day with this Kid-Friendly Project!

By Liz Fulcher, RA, CMT

April 22, 2012 is Earth Day and the perfect time to introduce children as young as three years of age to the concept of keeping our planet healthy. Letting them make something as simple, fun and safe as an organic cleaning scrub can be a fun…

March Featured Article

Taking Care of Yourself with Aromatherapy as an Aromatherapist

By Sharon Falsetto, CA, BA (Hons)

Working as an aromatherapist is, to many, a dream job - being surrounded with scents and oils all day long and making lots of aromatherapy potions and lotions to make people feel better! What could be better? However, like…

Healing Hands-part of an aromatic tool kit

As a professional practitioner who works with her hands on a daily basis to give holistic therapies (by way of aromatherapy, reflexology, Swedish, therapeutic, clinical, hot stone, acupressure, lymphatic, cranial sacral, Reiki, facial and scalp massage) for over twenty years, I sometimes take for granted how hard my hands really work for me and my clients. These hands of mine are strong yet soft to the touch from immersion in carrier oils and natural scrubs, sculpted from years of accurate work and aged like a fine wine, or better yet, a rich rose essential oil. My work seems to develop more each year as clients share how they benefit from the healing modality that massage and aromatherapy offers on many levels.

Warming for Winter January 2012

Warming for Winter


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