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By submitting this form, you agree that the information you supply may be shared with the NAHA member and/or school you wish to issue this complaint about. Please be sure to review NAHA Code of Ethics as well as NAHA Education Standards . The aforementioned links would be the reference material needed to successfully submit your complaint. * For best results please reduce the file size of each document before upload. We only ask that each document provided be legible and, in a size, large enough to decipher.

Your given name
Your surname
A good contact email
If we have more questions what phone number would you like us to reach you on?
The full name of the NAHA member you are complaining about.
The name of the NAHA approved school (if applicable).
Email of NAHA member or school you are complaining about.
Phone number of NAHA member or school you are complaining about.
Based on what you read in the above ethics and standards please select an option from this dropdown. Would your concern be a NAHA Code of Ethics violation, School education standards violation, or both?
Please include a bullet point summary of the observed offence or violation. (Must include exact offence or violation as referenced from Code of Ethics or School educational standards.)

Please upload highlighted documents supporting your complaint. Note: if this is an intellectual property complaint, you must include a copy of your judgement or court order.

-If this is a school complaint, you must provide evidence that you are a student of the school you are complaining against.

-If this is a complaint against a NAHA member, you must provide a copy of your NAHA membership certificate.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for review of your complaint.

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