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Become a NAHA Director

Become a NAHA Director

NAHA Director Information and Application

Please read the list of requirements below before submitting the online application for directorship.
In order to apply, one must be a current NAHA Business (with training in aromatherapy), Professional or Clinical Member for a minimum of one year. An active Facebook page is also required. See below for additional requirements.

Click here to fill out the NAHA Online Director Application Form

Volunteer Descriptions, Responsibilities, Requirements, Benefits, Disciplinary actions

District, Regional, and International Directors:

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Hold Regional Meetings: with members and non-members (meetings can be held 2 times per year, monthly or quarterly)
  • Contacting expired members in your area
  • Recruiting new memberships
  • Representing NAHA with integrity and professionalism and positivity
  • Honoring NAHA mission statement in practice and action
  • Other duties as assigned or requested by the National Board of Directors

Requirements include the following:

  • Completed aromatherapy education (Level 2 or Level 3) from a NAHA Approved School. An exemption based on special expertise may be granted in some cases at our discretion.
  • Professional (Level 2) /Business Membership in good standing for a minimum of 1 year before applying.
  • Agree to act within the guidelines of NAHA’s Code of Ethics
  • Return a completed application to the NAHA office including a letter of recommendation from a colleague who has been a NAHA member for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Phone interview with a NAHA Board Member
  • Willingness to commit to 2 years of service
  • Weekly time commitment of (3) hours minimum
  • Must follow NAHA Safety Guidelines. Precludes the use of "drop therapies" which use caustic or toxic essential oils neat on the skin.
  • Active Email Contact Address. Access to internet.
  • Ability to communicate and connect with members and non-members (phone, email, social media etc.)
  • Participation in NAHA Director Group email communications.
  • Participation in the NAHA Director Meetings (online, tele-conference format)

Yearly Renewal of NAHA Director Application-Contract to include submission of volunteer commitment hours. Director Commitment hours can include:

  • Aromatherapy classes, lectures, workshops, and meetings in which NAHA is included as part of the educational sharing.
  • Giving a NAHA Teleseminar or webinar.
  • Assisting with editing of articles, research papers and submissions for journals, newsletters and website blog.
  • Contacting businesses to participate in NAHA Membership Discount program.
  • NAHA project volunteer hours.
  • Assisting in answering email inquiries pertaining to aromatherapy

Benefits for District and Regional Director Volunteers

  • Certificate of service (NAHA Directorship Certificate)
  • Use of the NAHA Director Logo (for website, emails, business card etc.)
  • Discounted Professional-Business Membership Fee: $25.00 off
  • Free Listing on NAHA Website Director webpage (includes link to your website)
  • Free listing in the quarterly NAHA Aromatherapy Journals
  • Opportunity to be featured in the E-newsletter, Blog or Journal Article, and Teleseminar
  • Free use of NAHA Marketing Materials: (Brochures, Post Cards, Flyers etc.)
  • Free NAHA Lapel Pin and Tote Bag (based on availability)
  • Discounted Registration to the NAHA Conference
  • Journal Advertising Discount (20% off)

(Benefits are good during term of service only and shall not be transferred or extended)

Loss of Volunteer status may be a consequence of any of the following but is not limited to:

  • Acting outside of the Code of Ethics. The NAHA Board and Ethics Committee shall review any act or complaint fitting this description.
  • Submission of valid complaints against any act you participate in, which are investigated and found to have merit.
  • Not fulfilling your responsibilities as outlined above or in future announcements from the National Board of Directors.
  • Using NAHA meetings and member information for personal use and solicitations.
  • Lapse of membership dues, no longer in good standing as a NAHA member.
  • Note: Individuals who participate in groups or associations which malign or slander NAHA or its officers, or who promote practices which are contrary to NAHA's guidelines, goals or missions do not qualify for NAHA Directorship.

NAHA Director Restrictions:

  • NAHA Directors are not permitted to accept membership applications nor process membership applications. All applications for membership MUST be sent to the NAHA offices via our website registration or fax.
  • NAHA Directors are not permitted to create separate organizations under NAHA’s name nor falsely advertise that they are an office of NAHA.
  • Being a Director for NAHA is a volunteer position and is not a paid position within the organization.
  • Please note that NAHA Directorship is not a NAHA Board position.

NAHA reserves the right to change, cancel or update any Director Benefits and Requirements at any time without notice.

Please note: should you need to resign from you position as NAHA Director, please send notification in writing to the NAHA offices. We certainly understand that things come up that prevent an individual from fulfilling this role. Email: info@naha.org to let us know if you need to resign.

While we welcome International members to apply for Directorship, NAHA is NOT seeking to establish administrative offices in any other country. Our office is located in the US and it is the US offices which will process all memberships, including all international memberships. 

NAHA Director Application

Once your completed application is received by the NAHA Office, the NAHA Board will review your application for approval. If your application is incomplete or does not meet the requirements it will be returned to you. You will have 30 days to resubmit the completed application/requirements.

Click here to fill out the NAHA Online Director Application Form

We are here to support you! If you need support, membership brochures or anything else, please feel free to contact the NAHA offices at: info@NAHA.org

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