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NAHA Committees

Please review Article 6 in our Bylaws to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of NAHA's committees.  Review Bylaws

Conference Committee 

NAHA President, Conference Committee Chair: Annette Davis 
NAHA Vice President, Conference Master of Ceremonies: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
NAHA Treasurer, Conference Committee Co-Chair: Eric Davis
NAHA PR Officer, Conference PR: Kelly Holland Azzaro
NAHA Director Coordinator, Conference Staff: Sharon Falsetto Chapman
NAHA Content Creator and Marketing Director, Office Administrator, Conference Graphic Design and Marketing: MaKayla Clanton
Goodie Bag Coordinator: Raghda Maksoud

Director Committee 

Director Coordinator: Sharon Falsetto Chapman

International Relations Committee

Committee Chair: Raghda Maksoud
Committee Member: Claudia Vaz
Committee Member: Eli Klouvi
Commitee Member: Nicole Bou Khalil

Journal Committee 

Chief Editor: Sharon Falsetto Chapman
Editors: Kelly Holland-Azzaro
Journal Layout by: Kelly Peak

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Angela Sidlo
Committee Member: Anna Pageau
Committee Member: Rehne Burge

Research Committee

Committee Chair: Jessie Hawkins
Committee Member: Christy Hires

Committee Members


Annette Davis, CCN, NCCA

Annette is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist & Aromatherapist with 30 years of Aromatherapy experience. She began her Aromatherapy career as the Secretary of the first American Aromatherapy Association (AATA) founded in 1987.

Annette has studied under Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz since 1989. Dr. Lapraz is a practicing French Medical Doctor, world-renowned pioneer in the field of clinical phyto-aromatherapy, and the co-innovator of Endobiogeny. Annette teaches and practices phyto-aromatherapy and Endobiogeny at the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center (EIMC) located in Pocatello, ID. This innovative medical concept, based on a refined view of the neuro-endocrine system, integrates classical medicine with herbs and supplements, essential oils, dietary and lifestyle modifications to create a truly holistic treatment approach to illnesses of the body and mind.

Annette is also a formulator and customer relations manager for Time Laboratories, a longtime, well-respected natural products manufacturer founded by her Grandmother, Annemarie Buhler in 1973.

She has supported and served NAHA for many years as Regional Director for Idaho, Director Coordinator, Board Member, and currently as NAHA's President.
Email: davis@eimcenter.com
Phone: (208)-232-5250
Website: https://www.eimcenter.com | http://www.timelabs.com


Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, Clinical Phyto-Aromatherapist

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone is a clinical phyto-aromatherapist, herbalist, educator, author and owner of JennScents, Inc., a custom blending aromatherapy business and Aromaversity in Central Florida. She has blended, formulated and created essential oil products for therapeutic use since 1999.

Jennifer offers a variety of aromatherapy and natural health courses for all levels and provides continuing education credits to Licensed Massage Therapists (via NCBTMB). Jennifer specializes in therapeutic aromatherapy for health concerns, skin care, women and children’s health, animal care and natural cleaning. She creates custom blends to meet the needs of her customers as well as offers educational workshops to teach others how to safely incorporate natural health options into their daily lives.

Jennifer has been a professional donor member of NAHA since 2004, a Director since 2005 and Public Relations Coordinator since 2010. Jennifer is dedicated to bringing more awareness to the use and benefits of true aromatherapy. Through her books, educational classes and research, she hopes to make significant contributions to the world of aromatherapy and help others help themselves.

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone, CNHC, Holistic Aromatherapist, Professional Member of NAHA, JennScents Aromatherapy and JennScents Aromaversity.

Email: jh@jennscents.com
Phone: (352) 243-9627
Website: http://www.jennscents.com/


Eric Davis

Eric holds a Business Administration: Emphasis in Accounting degree. He has studied clinical Phyto-Aromatherapy and Endobiogeny under Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz since 1991 and assisted Dr. Lapraz in the development of the Endobiogenics Medical Assistant (EMA) software. He is the Regional Manager for Time Laboratories and serves as the IT Chair for the American Society of Endobiogenic Medicine and Intregative Physiology (ASEMIP). Eric also currently serves as NAHA Treasurer and has been serving in this role since 2016.

Email: edavis@eimcenter.com
Phone: (208)-232-5250
Website: http://www.restorehealth.us | https://www.timelabs.com


Sharon Falsetto Chapman, BA (Hons), CA

UK-certified aromatherapist Sharon Falsetto founded Sedona Aromatherapie LLC in 2007, and she is the sole creative force behind the founding of Sedona Aromatics: The Garden School in 2018. Sharon has a over a decade's worth of direct experience in the aromatherapy field, plus over another decade's worth of experience working within the UK government health care system before moving to the United States. She has a BA (Hons) degree in business and accounting from the University of Sunderland (UK). Sharon is a graduate of Penny Price Aromatherapy Academy, but has furthered her aromatherapy education with a week-long study trip to France, a hands-on distillation workshop with Ann Harman in Washington state, herbal studies, and master garden studies.

Sharon is the author of the The Linguistics of AromaticsTM Home Study Program, curated from years of work and research, in order to pass on her experience to new students and aromatherapists. She currently offers NAHA approved level 1 and level 2 courses, with a select number of in-person workshops each year. She works from her garden studio on her one acre homestead and aromatic gardens, including a working stillroom. This way of living is built on years of passion and learning.>

Sharon is the author of Authentic Aromatherapy (Skyhorse Publishing 2014) and she is also a consultant for many established and start-up aromatherapy businesses, advising from copy writing to custom blending product lines. Sharon has served as Chief Editor for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy Journal since January 2015.

Sharon is the Arizona regional director for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

Email: sharon@sedonaaromatherapie.com
Phone: (928) 239-4785
Website: www.sedonaaromatherapie.com


Kelly Holland Azzaro, RA, CCAP, CBFP, LMT

Kelly Holland Azzaro is a Registered Aromatherapist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner, Certified Bach Flower Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Two-Term Vice President and current Past President of NAHA.

Kelly has over 20 years experience in the Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy profession. She has taught numerous Aromatherapy, Bach Flower and Massage workshops and classes to both the public and professionals. She also was a Workshop Presenter at the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy’s World of Aromatherapy V Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, where she presented on Aromatherapy Facial and Scalp Massage Techniques. She has been both a guest speaker and a host for tele-classes pertaining to Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy topics.

Kelly is part of the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal Committee and helps with gathering, compilation, editing and layout of articles and educational content for both the Aromatherapy Journal and Newsletters. She also oversees the NAHA Safety Committee and participates in dispersion of information about safe use of essential oils for the general public and NAHA Members via the NAHA website, publications, committees and regional directors.

Her passion is empowering others through education and sharing information with others so that they can help themselves and their animal friends in a natural and holistic manner.

Kelly has additional training and professional experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Canine/Equine Acupressure-Massage, Intuitive Animal Communication, Crystal-Gemstone Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Therapy for people and their animal friends. Kelly and her husband Marco, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Qigong Practitioner- Instructor, have a Holistic Healing Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Their secure online web store, www.ashitherapy.com, www.ashiaromatics.com, offers over 100 natural products.

Email: ashitherapy@skybest.com
Phone: (828) 898-5555
URL: ashitherapy.com


Angela Sidlo, CR, HAPT, CHC

Angela Sidlo is a Holistic Aromatherapist, Certified Aroma Point Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, IIN Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and author of “Aromatherapy for Menopause Success”. She is the owner of Waves of Change Wellness Center and Angela’s Apothecary on the north Oregon coast. Angela's had the pleasure of studying aromatherapy with Jade Shutes at the School of Aromatic Studies and Jennifer Presimone at Jennscents Institute. She has also completed training in Reflexology at the Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center and trained in Aroma Point Therapy with Tiffany Carole and Peter Holmes.

Angela's work includes serving on the Columbia Memorial Hospital Integrated Therapies team and has been instrumental in bringing aromatherapy into the hospital and cancer center setting there. Currently she formulate blends that are used in the hospital setting and available in the out patient pharmacy. She also teach aromatherapy to volunteer groups, staff and patients and their family members at the hospital, home health and hospice care. Her involvement extends into the community teaching aromatherapy at the Oregon School of Massage and in an online school. Angela also teaches Aroma Point Therapy Fundamentals for bodyworkers

Health and wellness using what nature provides has always been a part of who Angela is.  Her philosophies encompass body, mind and spirit and her toolbox of skills and modalities reflect that. “I can’t imagine a day without essential oils! It just wouldn’t feel right.” She looks forward to serving NAHA and it’s members.

Email: angelasidlo@gmail.com
Phone: (503) 338-9921
URL: http://www.angelasidlo.com


Jessie Hawkins, PhD

Dr. Jessie Hawkins is an integrative clinical researcher, the Director of both the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences and the nonprofit Franklin Health Research Foundation, and the NAHA Regional Director for Tennessee. Dr. Hawkins combines her expertise as an aromatherapist and herbalist with her scientific training to conduct clinical trials and other scientific studies on the healing benefits of essential oils.

As the director of the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences, she trains tomorrow's leaders in aromatherapy by integrating advanced applications of essential oils, such as ingestion, with practical experience in scientific research. As the leader of the FSIHS research team, she regularly conducts scientific research on the safety and efficacy of essential oils, herbs, and health promotion programs.

Dr. Hawkins holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Health, a Master's Degree in Health Promotion, a postgraduate certificate in Epidemiology, and a PhD in Health Research. In addition to holding numerous certifications in a range of natural health fields including aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, herbalism, childbirth education, labor support, and more, she travels regularly to conferences and workshops to ensure that the programs at the Franklin School of Integrative Health Sciences offer the most up-to-date education available.

Email: j.hawkins@fsihs.org
Phone: (615)-261-3116
URL: https://fsihs.org or https://franklinhealthresearch.org


Raghda Maksoud, CA, PMP, CSCP

Raghda Abdelmaksoud is a Level three Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and an expert with 23 years of experience in global business development and supply chain in the medicinal herbs, flavors – fragrance, and essential oil industries. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Arts from Cairo University in Egypt in 1997 and completed a Project Management program from Cambridge.

Raghda’s journey started in Egypt in 1998 when she joined one of the leading growers and distillers in Egypt; it was then she combined her love for languages and history with her passion for Nature and adventure. She has since worked in the supply chain, business development, and sustainable sourcing visiting 21 countries with the most outstanding medicinal plant growing regions.

She founded Ebers Aromatherapy and Consulting and started teaching aromatherapy globally in 2018. She launched NAHA-recognized school Ebers school of Aromatherapy in 2020.

Raghda is currently the NAHA International Director for Egypt and the International Relationship Chair. As part of this role, she arranges educational study tours to Egypt for aromatherapists and plant lovers to visit farms and distillers.

She is also a member of the Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Task Force (ARQAT)  for standard in aromatherapy research practice and reporting. As well as a technical member in (WFFC)The women for flavors and Fragrances North America

Her mission is to develop aromatherapy globally, particularly in the Middle East, as well as support the development of women-owned small businesses, and research.

Email: raghda@ebersconsulting.com
Phone: (732)-781-5254
URL: https://www.ebersaromaschool.com/


Anna Pageau

Anna Pageau is a certified aromatherapist focusing on caring for animals. Our animal friends can be a benefit to our overall wellness for mind, body and spirit.

Over the last several years Anna has dedicated her time working at a rescue farm helping farm animals overcome physical and emotional abuse. Through homeschool projects with her son Anna teaches her son and other children about the benefits of plants in all forms. She also teaches a variety of workshops in the community. Anna also spends time writing a blog exploring aromatherapy, herbalism and the benefits of gardening. Anna has reviewed several books on Aromatherapy hoping to guide her readers to books that will provide safe accurate information.


Email: anna@annasmusings.com
Phone: (775)-287-2473
URL: www.annasmusings.com


Rehne Burge

My passion for herbal and essential oil remedies began over 10 years ago after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the later Severe Complex PTSD and Panic Disorder. As a former medical auditor/instructor, my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the circulatory system gave me insight on how essential oils work. I’ve strived to learn everything I can about the link between essential oils and their effects on the body utilizing resources such as Robert Tisserand, Dr. Jean Valnet, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, Gabriel Mojay, Jane Buckle and other resources including PubMed and PubChem.

I achieved my aromatherapy certification through Aromahead Institute along with additional courses. I've continued my education with chemistry courses by Dr. Joy Bowles and Dr. Timothy Miller and a great safety class by Robert Tisserand.  My passion for aromatherapy education and safe use of essential has inspired me to write numerous articles, those of which have been published through Nature Warehouse, "The Biblical Herbalist" a retired online magazine, as well as my blog and Facebook group: Aromatherapy by Soul Essentials Duo. I am also the Aromatherapy author for the website, Organic Daily Post.  

Email: rehnaburge3@gmail.com
Phone: (985)-215-0949
URL: https://www.soulessentialsduo.com/


Christy Hires

Christy Hires graduated from Franklin Institute of Wellness (FIW) and is a certified clinical aromatherapist. Christy has furthered her aromatherapy education through international workshops and advanced training in England. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Health Promotion and is the NAHA Regional Director for Northern Colorado.

Christy is the Aromatherapy department chair at FIW, teaching students worldwide. She is also on the FIW research team conducting clinical trials and other scientific studies on the healing benefits of essential oils. As a professor at Franklin Institute of Wellness, she trains tomorrow's leaders both online and on-site in Tennessee in aromatherapy by integrating advanced applications of essential oils, such as ingestion, with practical experience in scientific research. 

Christy lives outside Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and 4 children. In addition to teaching, she has her own Aromatherapy practice, seeing clients in a consultation setting.


Email: c.hires@franklininstituteofwellness.com
Phone: 303-223-7287
URL: www.superiorearthessentials.com


Claudia Vaz

Over the past 30 years Claudia has built a career through successful entrepreneurial businesses in the physical and psychological well-being areas of medical and health industries, more specifically, with humans and animals.

Claudia is the sort of professional who tirelessly seeks innovation and differentiation in everything she gets involved with. She is driven by her creed pillars in nature and the benefits it brings.

She started a professional journey in the search of new concepts and well-being practices. By bringing these cutting-edge projects to Brazil, Claudia was able build opinion makers, development projects, and reference centers. She is particularly proud of LEKTO, which is a Continuing Education School for health and well-being professionals.

As a Consultant in Applied Knowledge, Claudia has developed customized trainings, study tours, and case debate panels for aromatherapy and perfumery schools with a proprietary methodology that comprises cognition, behavior, and practice. The development and management of the continuing education school brought about the possibility to practice observation as well as the exchange of knowledge and information with many a health professional Associates. It allowed her to make the most out of opportunities and develop tools (products and services) for different stakeholders’ needs. This profound living experience led Claudia to start CILLEN, which was founded to develop health products and services.

All the work that she has done in proximity to health professionals such as doctors, dentists and therapists led her to Aromatherapy Based on Evidence, which is, the application of natural aromas founded on bibliographical references, studies, and natural and integrative techniques.

Email: claudia.vaz@estudosaromaticos.com
Phone: (55)-11- 99999-0610


Eli Klouvi, MD

Dr. Eli Klouvi M.D., was born in Togo and graduated from Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, West Africa, Senegal. He currently lives in California, where he owns have a social media marketing agency, and has obtained a master's degree in public health from George Washington University. Dr. Klouvi has had the opportunity to travel to several other West African countries (Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Senegal) and some European countries. His travel experience has helped him to have a comprehensive understanding of different cultures and traditions in Africa. Dr. Klouvi is passionate about alternative medicines, particularly aromatherapy. He has been a proud NAHA Level 2 Member for more than two years, and his goal is to achieve Level 3. Serving in a public hospital as a general practitioner in Africa, before moving to the United States of America, has taught him how vital preventive care can be for our health. Dr. Klouvi agrees that the best treatment is the one that everybody has access to without exception. Teaching, encouraging true aromatherapy, and creating an inclusive approach to wellbeing is what he chose to support by joining NAHA.

Email: elisessentialoils@gmail.com
Phone: (951)-534-3829
Website: www.elisessentialoils.com  



Nicole BouKhalil, PharmD, MPH

Dr. Boukhalil earned her doctoral degree in Pharmacy from the St Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon. A registered pharmacist in the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy, she graduated with a diploma (DESIU) in Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Medicinal Plants from the Faculté de Pharmacie, Université de la Timone, Aix-Marseille, France. She then further specialized in Scientific and Medical aromatherapy in Paris, France. She also underwent postgraduate studies in aromatherapy, including advanced courses in clinical aromatherapy and aromatherapy for cancer care in London, UK. Dr. Nicole believes in continuous learning and for this has travelled many countries for congresses and seminars, meeting and forging strong links with the aromatherapy community worldwide.

Dr. Boukhalil holds a Master in Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the Lebanese University (Lebanon). She is certified in Natural Dermocosmetic care (France). Dr. Nicole was a pioneer in introducing Aromatherapy practice to Lebanon. She initiated, for the first time in Lebanon, aromatherapy services in a hospital setting. She also gave the first training in medical aromatherapy for health care professionals (doctors, pharmacist, nurses) .

She is a Clinical Aromatherapy Consultant at Bellevue Medical Center (BMC), a tertiary care university center. She is also part of the multidisciplinary team of the Stress and Pain Management Center at BMC. Dr. Boukhalil currently runs her own pharmacy in Beirut. She does personalized aromatherapy blends, tailored to her patients needs, and provide counseling on health, wellness, plant derived products and natural, organic beauty skincare.

Email: Boukhalil.nicole@gmail.com
Phone: 961-3-518685


MaKayla Ann Clanton, BS | Marketing Director and Content Creator 

MaKayla has been working for NAHA since November 2020. She graduated from Idaho State University in May of 2020 with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication with an Emphasis in Photography and Bachelors in Marketing/Advertising. While she is new to the Aromatherapy industry, she is eager to learn more and is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the NAHA board members and regional directors. MaKayla is the Marketing Director for NAHA. She is from Pocatello, Idaho which has been the current home office for NAHA for the last few years.  

In the meantime, MaKayla continues to coordinate NAHA social media campaigns, graphic design and advertising for NAHA events and benefits, and all membership support via email or through the NAHA office phone. if you have questions about getting involved with NAHA at any level, or just looking for something on your membership page you can contact the office at info@naha.org for support.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beyondaromatics/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AromatherapyCommunity

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