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Become an Approved Continuing Education Provider

NAHA approved continuing education providers are individuals who have met all of NAHA standards of education, have been an active NAHA member at a Level 2 or higher* for one year or more, and are currently in good standing per CE requirements. Approved educators are individuals who have met these requirements, and would like to apply to advertise their individual course/class offerings for continuing education credits. 


The NAHA Education Standards may be taught by approved educators/schools via the following formats:

  • In-person and hands-on program/s
  • Online programs (which may consist of online readable documents/webpages, audio/visual platforms (live or taped video, audio recordings, webinars, etc.)
  • Home-study/distance programs (which may consist of printed documents/manuals, audio/visuals (taped videos/DVD/CD, etc.)

Disclaimer: NAHA reserves the right to amend, change and/or update the NAHA Approved School/Educator Guidelines and Requirements at any time without notice.

Please note that 1 hour of course work/time invested = 1 CE credit

 *Business members are eligible to apply, but must provide additional documents upon application to prove they have met NAHA education standards for a Level 2 or higher

*If you are currently a NAHA Approved School you do not need this additional certification to offer continuing education opportunities. However, if you would like to be displayed on our NACEP page as an individual provider then you will need to purchase a NACEP subscription and contact the NAHA office at info@naha.org with your Name, Member I.D., and name of current approved school to receive access to create your listing.

Aromatherapy Authors can now offer Books as NAHA Continuing Education Credits!

-The author must be an educator at a NAHA approved school, or a NAHA Approved Continuing Education Provider (NACEP).
-The maximum allowed CEs per book is 4. *If the book is used as a text for a course then the ce hours are correlated to the hours of that course. Documentation is required for any more than 4 CE credits offered. 
-Authors are required to provide a CE credit hour recommendation upon applying, which will be used in the description in the NACEP approved books category on the NAHA store.
-A copy of the book (electronic preferred) will need to be provided by the author to the NAHA office. Links to electronic book copies will only be shared with NAHA staff and board members as needed for review. The author's copyright will be protected. (To be provided during the NACEP application)


$100 annual fee for NACEP Memberships,

*Note: This is a separate fee from your regular NAHA membership. Your level 2 or above NAHA membership and your NACEP membership must remain current and in good standing in order to claim NACEP status.

Before applying, please review the below information to ensure you meet NAHA’s safety and code of ethics standards. If you pay for the application fee and are not approved for failure to meet the below standards, NAHA will refund you your payment minus a $25.00 processing fee.

Violation of NAHA's Code of Ethics including plagiarism of materials is grounds for immediate removal from the NAHA approved educator list. NAHA reserves the right to remove any educator from our approved list at the Board of Directors' discretion for any reason.

Please note that NAHA does not approve of courses or other education which includes “touch therapies” or "drop therapies"which use undiluted or toxic essential oils, undiluted internal use, or any other unsafe practices. Please refer to our Safety and Guidelines (link) for additional information.




How to apply:

1.  Log in to your member page (https://naha.org/account).

2.  Locate the 'Account Navigation' menu on the right, and choose 'Add a Subscription'.

3.  Choose NACEP and complete payment. You will be redirected back to your member page upon completion.

4.  From the 'Account Navigation' menu on the right, choose 'Subscriptions and Billing'.

5.  In the section for NACEP subscriptions (On the left, beneath the Schools section), choose the option for the 'NACEP Application'.

Once you have set up your subscription you will sent an email with follow-up instructions, and you will also be able to access the application from your membership home page. The review process for any application may take up to 2-3 weeks. You will be contacted by a representative of NAHA for any clarification, need for additional documents, or with the denial or acceptance of your application. If your application is approved you will be instructed by the NAHA representative on how to set up your official listing.

If you have any questions about this process you can contact our office at info@naha.org

1. While it is acceptable to require school supplies and suggest a brand, educators and schools applying to become a NAHA-approved school must not require students to purchase any particular brand of essential oils/aromatherapy products, nor sign-up for an account/membership with another company that the educator/school is affiliated with, nor pay for any type of subscription in order to receive aromatherapy products in order to participate in the aromatherapy course program/s offered by the school/educator.

2. If the educator/school is affiliated with a certain brand/company that will be promoted within the aromatherapy course, then this information must be clearly stated in the school’s policies/procedures, website, marketing materials, and to be included in a statement given to prospective students prior to registration to avoid any conflict of interest.

3. Please note that NAHA does not police educators/schools/businesses in regards to what aromatherapy products they sell and or make available to students. Individuals seeking educational sources to register with and or enroll into a course/s should be sure to read and understand any policies and procedures (including refunds policy) that are part of the educator/school/business’ educational program/s prior to paying any course/class/workshop fees, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to make themselves aware of any additional supplies that may be required to purchase separately or as part of an educational program.

We encourage students and prospective students to review a school’s policies and procedures.

Although NAHA does have a stringent approval process, NAHA does not address complaints pertaining to:

1. School Fees and Refund Policies

2. Curriculum/Presentation Formats

3. Personality Conflicts

4. Personal and Political Views

5. Teaching and Communication Styles

NAHA reserves the right to amend the complaint guidelines at any time without notice.

Click here to access NAHA's complaint form which must be used to submit any complaints.


Right to Review Previously Approved NAHA Schools/Educators

NAHA has the right to request a full curriculum review at any time, as well as review any additional educational aromatherapy programs that are offered by a current NAHA-approved educator/school. The request for a full curriculum review may be made by the NAHA board due to updates in the NAHA Education Standards, updates to course content made by the educator/school, and/or complaint/s submitted pertaining to the school's curriculum. The NAHA reviewer may also request additional materials such as marketing materials, website pages, school policies, etc. If the review process is being made pursuant to complaints, the school may be required to resubmit a new CASE application and pay the application review fee. Course materials must be supplied in English within the time frame specified by the NAHA board of directors.

NAHA reserves the right to make changes to the school application and review process at any time without notice.


If you are a NAHA-approved school/educator that also offers your approved aromatherapy program through additional outlets such as affiliates, franchises, and partnerships, it is your responsibility to inform the individual/s of the following requirements:

1. Each Affiliates/Franchises/Partnerships with another aromatherapy school must apply through the NAHA CASE application process to become a NAHA-approved school/educator and in order to offer the aromatherapy program that applies to the NAHA Education Standards for Levels 1-3.

2. NAHA Membership Level required for Aromatherapy Instructors/Educators:

• Professional (to teach/offer Levels 1 & 2)

• Clinical Member (to teach/offer Levels 1-3)

NAHA-approved schools/educators are required to provide NAHA with a copy of the affiliate/franchise/partnership agreement (or letter of authorization giving you permission to use their content, curriculum, and other information), along with a list of the name/s and contact information for any affiliates/franchises/partnerships that have completed their aromatherapy program/s and are, and will be, participating in an agreement to offer the same program through their business/school/website, etc.

NAHA Approved School Logo and Approval Status

Only NAHA approved schools/educators may state that their aromatherapy program is approved by NAHA and meets the NAHA Education Standards. This statement may be used on the approved schools/educators’ website, marketing materials, and school certificates issued for the approved aromatherapy program/s.

Only current NAHA-approved School/Educator Members may use the NAHA School/Educator Seal on their aromatherapy course certificates issued to students upon successful completion of the course/s. This seal may also be placed onto the approved school/educator’s website. (See the NAHA Logo Permission Agreement Form for more details).

Those affiliates/franchises/partnerships (and school memberships that have expired) that do not comply with the NAHA Membership and CASE application process will be placed on a non-approved school/educator list with the NAHA office.

Any franchise/partnership contracts allowed by your school. If there is a change in that relationship/contract/agreement, then NAHA must be notified within 30 days by all parties.

*Note: Affiliate/Franchise/Partnership terminology is included to apply to any individual/business that is in an agreement/contract with an individual/business that offers that type of option through their aromatherapy course program/s and is not limited to these terms, and may also apply to other terms such as ‘teacher-training programs’, etc.

NAHA reserves the right to amend, change and/or update the NAHA Approved School/Educator Guidelines and Requirements at any time without notice.

NOTE: NAHA is not responsible for any legal issues which may arise between educators/schools and their partners or franchises.

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