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Answer Yes if you are a current NAHA Director who is renewing their Director status.
Please indicate where you want to serve as Director
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NAHA Directorship Applicant Agreement

Checking the box below indicates that you have read and agree to the NAHA Membership Requirements, Director Requirements, and Meeting Guidelines. It further indicates that you understand the etiquette, ethics, and conflicts of interest pertaining to NAHA Directorship.

All Director Applicants must submit the following information in a separate Word Document (.doc or .docx)
  1. To the best of your ability, please explain why you are interested in serving as a NAHA Director. List your competencies in this area also.
  2. Please provide a detailed biography of yourself, aromatherapy experience/work.
  3. List any additional experience pertaining to holistic health, research, published articles, as well any other pertinent information you would like to share about yourself.
Your Bio for the website
  1. A typed (100-200 word) bio (this is for use on the NAHA website Director listing webpage, and will include a link to your website).
  2. Include your: business email, website and contact phone number/s for listing on NAHA website.
  3. Include a current headshot in high resolution JPEG format.

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