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Scents of Egypt Workshop Series

This is an online event
When: April 4, 2021 to May 30, 2021

Instructor: Dora Goldsmith

Location: School of Lost Arts

1600 LENA ST, A6
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Contact: Roxana Villa

Phone: 8185225827

Email: rox@roxanavilla.com

Website: https://illuminatedperfume.com/products/scents-of-egypt-workshop-series-exploring-the-olfactive-history-of-ancient-egyptian-culture

Full Event Details:

The SCENTS of EGYPT WORKSHOP SERIES is a comprehensive certificate program, taking place over seven weeks via LIVE* Zoom sessions with Egyptologist Dora Goldsmith. Each class offers three hours of live instruction with handouts and a dedicated student community (not on Facebook) where students can ask questions and share with other students as they move through each class. NAHA CE credits available. Find a fuller description of each class in this series by following the link at the end. *The workshops take place LIVE on Sundays at 6pm Berlin, Germany time, use the time zone converter here to calculate the time in your city. April 11th, 2021: Kyphi (Ancient Egyptian Perfume) In this class we will learn about ancient Egyptian perfumery and recreate one of its most well-known fragrances. April 18th, 2021: Unguent Cones In this class we will learn about unguent cones through the dynasties and how to create them. April 25th 2021: Temple Smells in Ancient Egypt In this class we will explore the olfactory world of the gods of Egypt and discover the social, cultural and religious value of each scent that was present ancient Egyptian temples. May 2nd 2021: Garden Scents in Ancient Egypt In this class we will learn about the plants and the intoxicating scents that surrounded the ancient Egyptians after the inundation of the Nile. We will discover the olfactory landscape of ancient Egypt’s lost orchards and vegetable gardens. May 9th 2021: Scents of Lovemaking in Ancient Egypt In this class we will explore the olfactory world of lovemaking and sexuality in ancient Egypt. May 23rd, 2021: Scents of Mummification & Ancient Egyptian Afterlife In this class we will learn about the scents that defined the mummification chambers and tombs, and the fragrances that the ancient Egyptians themselves wished to be surrounded by in their life after death. May 30th, 2021: Hknw, Meaning JOY (Ancient Egyptian Perfume) In this class we will recreate a perfume called Hknw, meaning “joy” in Egyptian. This fragrance is one of the seven sacred oils used in the temples of Egypt to anoint the gods and in the process of mummification to preserve the dead. The recipe is preserved on the walls of the Ptolemaic temple of Edfu. However, its existence can be traced back to as early as the 4th Dynasty. The recipe is long, complicated and intriguing. The attention to detail, the processing of the materials and the patience to make it (one year!) are fascinating. WORKSHOP REQUIREMENTS: To receive a Certificate of Completion for this workshop series you will need to participate in each class and complete the Quiz provided. Since each workshop will be live and NOT recorded, it is important to make a commitment to attending. KITS: A limited number of kits are available, but NOT required. IMPORTANT: Each of these three hour classes are LIVE and not recorded, there are no refunds if you are not able to attend one or all of the classes. This workshop and individual classes are copyrighted, no portion may be duplicated without written permission. ©DoraGoldsmith ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTOR: DORA GOLDSMITH Dora Goldsmith is an Egyptologist whose research focuses on the sense of smell in ancient Egypt. Based on the written sources, Dora investigates the ancient Egyptians' perception of the world through the sense of smell and recreates their smellscape. Her published works include the concept of stench in ancient Egypt (2019), the scents of mummification (2019) and the smellscape of ancient Egyptian cities (2020). Dora gives lectures and workshops around the world accompanied by her scent reconstructions, where the long-lost world of the ancient Egyptians comes back to life through your nose. Two of her scent reconstructions, the Mendesian and the scent of mummification, have been exhibited in museums around the world. Read more about each class and the workshop series here: https://illuminatedperfume.com/products/scents-of-egypt-workshop-series-exploring-the-olfactive-history-of-ancient-egyptian-culture

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