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NAHA is a leading aromatherapy organization in the United States and internationally.
NAHA Boards & Committees

Boards & Committees

NAHA consists of a Board of Directors, Regional Directors and Committees.

Board of Directors

President: Annette Davis
Current Past President: Jade Shutes
Vice President: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone


Public Relations: Kelly Holland Azzaro
Secretary: Rose Chard
Treasurer: Eric Davis
Director Coordinator: Sharon Falsetto



NAHA Directors

NAHA is represented by District and Regional Directors throughout the United States, who are available to assist you in presenting aromatherapy information to the public by holding meetings and workshops.

NAHA Committees

Journal Committee
Chief Editor: Sharon Falsetto
Editors: Kelly Holland-Azzaro
Journal Layout and Design: Kelly Peak

Director Committee
Director Coordinator: Sharon Falsetto


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