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Dawn Langley-Brady

Dawn Langley-Brady - Premium Listing


Martinez, Georgia - United States


Skincare, Custom blending, Hospice, Palliative care, Aromatherapy store, Aromatherapy Consultant, Holistic Health Care or Holistic Practitioner, Animal Aromatherapy, Energy Therapy (Reiki, Qigong), Clinical Aromatherapy, Author/Writer/Researcher


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Dawn Shipley

Dawn Shipley - Premium Listing

Blue Dawn Aromatherapy provides clinical aromatherapy consultations with a registered aromatherapist, as well as all natural aromatherapy bath and body products, custom blended with expertise and love.


Los Angeles, California - United States


Skincare, Custom blending, Aromatherapy store, Aromatherapy Consultant, Clinical Aromatherapy


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Debbie Reiser

Debbie Reiser dba Eden’s Best Essentials

Artisanal Aromatherapy and Botanical Skincare Products
What began as a loving service — crafting custom blends and synergies of essential oils for friends and family members — quickly expanded to include botanical skin care products as more people express their wish to use natural ingredients. The intention behind the website is to introduce you to some of the many products available in this market. It is also to provide a tiny bit of instruction and educational information and a whole bunch of inspiration for our clients and guests as we attempt to bring you into a happier, healthier lifestyle!

To better serve valuable customers physical availability is from mid October to mid May Pharr,Texas & from mid May to mid October Clinton, Missouri.


Pharr, Texas - United States


Skincare, Custom blending, Aromatherapy Consultant, Botanical/Natural Perfumery

(816) 682-0120

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Debrah Nadler

Debrah Nadler - Premium Listing

Debrah Nadler, BS, MBA, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA), Registered Aromatherapist (RA™) & HEARTS Process© Practitioner. Her company is also a Music & Memory® Certified Care Organization. She has been practicing aromatherapy for eleven years.

Debrah’s program, “Trifecta Care,” is a three-prong approach delivering comfort for both caregivers and individuals. She specializes in supporting individuals living with Alzheimer’s/dementia and end-of-life situations from onset to wings.

”Trifecta Care”

1. Aromatherapy is provided by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Registered Aromatherapist utilizing safe and effective use of essential oils for relaxation and stress reduction for both the caregiver and loved one.
2. Music & Memory®, this highly successful program, has brought individuals living with Alzheimer’s “back to life,” a reawakening - even making movement & conversation possible for short periods of time. This allows families to enjoy their loved one again. Music and Memory® can also bring relief to individuals suffering cognitive decline, long-term illness, or PTSD.
3. The HEARTS Process©, an acronym for Hands-on (this is not a massage), Empathy, Aroma, Relaxation, Texture, and Sound, provides exceptional results. The HEARTS Process© is a proven, non-invasive, simple, and effective process that helps give relief and comfort to the caregivers and comfort to the individuals experiencing emotional or physical pain. Debrah also incorporates sensory muffs and mats into her practice.

“Trifecta Care” delivers comfort to the afflicted and their loved ones by reducing anxiety, stress & pain. You’ll find you can’t do without it!

Web Site: https://www.AromaWellnessTherapy.com
Email: debbie@AromaWellnessTherapy.com
Address: Largo, FL 33773
Telephone: (727) 265-1888


Largo, Florida - United States


Custom blending, Hospice, Palliative care, Aromatherapy Consultant, Holistic Health Care or Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapy, Author/Writer/Researcher


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Divine Scents Aromatherapy

Bethany Unger
Divine Scents Aromatherapy - Premium Listing

Our products are high quality-small batch, specially formulated for specific needs. They contain 100% organic, wild-crafted or unsprayed essential oils that are blended with natural and plant based materials. They do not contain preservatives, synthetic fragrances and chemicals.    We utilize the science and chemistry of each essential oils in our aromatherapy products to solve simple, everyday issues. Our products offer a unique and wide variety of products that vary from pain balms and stinky feet powder to anti-anxiety room spray. Providing high quality, natural, custom crafted products, based in the science of aromatherapy is our specialty. We also offer custom blending, private label blends and educational classes.


Wauwatosa, Wisconsin - United States


Skincare, Custom blending, Aromatherapy store, Aromatherapy Consultant, Clinical Aromatherapy

Business Specialties

Retail location, Wholesale, Supplier (Retail/Wholesale), Private Label services, Manufacturing, Custom product development


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Dr. Eli Klouvi

Dr. Eli Klouvi - Premium Listing

Eli's Essential Oils has become a well-known online Aromatherapy services supply store.
What started out as a hobby has now become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you.
We’re proud to have produced years of happy customers and look forward to continuing our work for years to come!
Our love for our online Aromatherapy services supply store drives who we are and what we do.
Every. Single. Day.


Loma Linda, California - United States


Custom blending, Hospice, Palliative care, Aromatherapy store, Aromatherapy Consultant, Holistic Health Care or Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Aromatherapy, Author/Writer/Researcher, Counselor


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Drew Moss

Drew Moss - Premium Listing

​We believe healing is always possible and with the right guidance the body has the capacity to heal itself in all situations.
Investing in holistic health care is an investment for your future Our focus is putting you back on the path to wellness and showing you how you give your mind body and spirit exactly what it needs to function as one. Check out our website to learn more


North Sioux City, South Dakota - United States


Massage therapy, Custom blending, Aromatherapy store, Aromatherapy Consultant, Holistic Health Care or Holistic Practitioner, Botanical/Natural Perfumery, Clinical Aromatherapy


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Elizabeth Hornak

Elizabeth Hornak - Premium Listing

Bella Avani (Beautiful Earth) came from an evolution of need. Starting with a desire to heal my youngest daughter’s skin after a reaction to a “natural” product, I quickly started making all my family’s skin care preparations. When a friend was pregnant with her second child, and started suffering from itchy, stretched out skin a month before her due date, she asked me if I had anything to help. I mixed up my first shea butter cream and brought it over. She was so impressed with the product, she started sharing it with friends who quickly requested a jar of cream of their own to purchase. With that, Bella Avani was born.


Henrietta, New York, New York - United States


Skincare, Massage therapy, Custom blending, Aromatherapy Consultant


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Emma Huang

Emma Huang



What is beauty?! Aromatherapy School 加拿大國際芳療學校, 座落於加拿大多倫多,由來自台灣的Emma Huang 老師所創辦。

學校成立於2013年,目前通過全球最高級別加拿大CFA聯邦芳療, 美國NAHA 1/2/3(臨床芳療)英國IFA所核准的專業芳療及芳療繼續學分提供學校。

我們致力於在加拿大的華人社區, 當然在網路課程中,我們也歡迎海外亞洲同學,學校致力於宣揚芳香療法以及使用華語教授熱愛芳療人士成為專業的國際芳療師。芳香療法是一個西人熟悉的健康專業的代表,很多同學在海外受限於語言,所以學校爭取到以華語教學,並且以華語考試,讓更多的海外華人對於這個專業不再陌生。


- Canada


Aromatherapy Consultant


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Terri Ertlmeier

Eovella - Premium Listing

I reside in the Southwest. I am an aromatherapist and essential oil coach. I do iTOVI scanning as well as consultations on recommendations on essential oils. I offer confidential consultations (in person, by phone, or email) that include a custom blend created specifically for you as well as provide classes to keep you well informed. I began using essential oils in 2011. I became a certified Essential Oil Coach thru Dr. Axe in 2018 at The Essential Oil Institute. I am a level 2 certified aromatherapist thru NAHA and a Holistic Health Practitioner thru the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


Peoria - United States


Aromatherapy store, Aromatherapy Consultant


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