Aromatherapy and the Art of Language

Posted on December 21, 2013 0


NAHA Teleseminar Coming February 13, 2014 

Aromatherapy and the Art of Language with Jennifer Pressimone

Learn how to safely and effectively share your aromatherapy education and knowledge with your clients, customers, patients, family and friends. As aromatherapists, one of our main goals is to provide authentic, accurate and pertinent information to help others wisely choose the best holistic health decisions that meets their particular needs.  We do not prescribe, treat, diagnose or cure anything. But rather, share what we know, like an encyclopedia. When doing this, it is important to follow state and federal guidelines to keep you and your staff safe, and not walk the fine line of "practicing medicine without a license".

The teleseminar focuses on teaching you what you can say and how to say it, in a safe, legal and ethical way that allows you to promote sales and integrative protocols. We will share examples and welcome questions to help you remain the leaders in your field.

The power of language will prove to be an asset in your business and daily discussions when it comes to aromatherapy, herbals and botanicals. You can use this as a training tool for your staff, as well as your customers, to teach them how to "speak safely" when in your business.


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